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The Parkour Team

Quin Thames

Chief Executive Officer
Quin worked for eight years as a Software Engineer at Google and JPL with a focus on data analytics and machine learning. In 2014, Quin helped to build one of the first marketplace platforms to buy altcoins. He now develops trading and analytic tools to evaluate various options strategies as well as the underlying assets. He also consults at House of Rare, an NFT powered collectible tequila company.

Michael Austin

Chief Investment Officer
Michael has founded two crypto hedge funds. While completing his advanced degree in systems network engineering, he was actively investing in blockchain. Michael is recognized as leader in blockchain research and technical analysis. As an early adopter of crypto-currencies and student of the industry, Michael believes Bitcoin and blockchain are the missing pieces in technology’s quest to improve the standard of living, redistribute global wealth and solve many of the global issues that affect our lives.

Cole Walton

Founder & Head Trader
Cole began his financial career as an analyst for the investment banking group at Raymond James. He then worked at Morgan Stanley PWM for two years before joining Price Wealth Management, to assist with hedge fund consultation and asset allocation. Cole served as the Head Trader at Kanos Capital Management for ten years before starting Parkour Capital. Cole bought his first Bitcoin in 2013. Cole holds a law degree from The South Texas College of Law and has degrees in finance and information technology from the University of Virginia.

Robbin Seymour

Chief Operations Officer
Robbin is our team’s most versatile leader. Before joining the Parkour team, she worked in oil and gas, banking, and non-profit industries. She also supported operations in the medical and technology fields and is a certified personal trainer and accomplished athlete. She studied Business Management at the University of Hawaii. Robbin mined Bitcoin in 2017-2019 and has attended crypto conferences around the world.

Ariel Eder

VP International Trading & European Marketing
Ariel leads Parkour’s international investor relations. Prior to joining Parkour, Ariel cofounded Crypto Doorway Ltd., where he operated as COO. As lead operator of a Malta Based DLT Brokerage firm, he has executed placements and consulted with private wealth individuals throughout Europe. Ariel has extensive experience as a cryptocurrency trader, creating and managing risk-adjusted strategies. Early in his career, Ariel was head of marketing for Cointelligence.

Candice Lalla

Associate - Investor Relations & Operations

Parkour Advisors

Cole Petersen

Cole first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 and began working in the space in 2017. While on a gap year as a student at the University of California, Irvine, he co-founded and helps lead LINKPAD. He has worked as an associate at Block Venture and previously founded a validator node management/development service.

Roy Blackstone

Roy is an experienced crypto investor with half a decade of experience under his belt. Aside from his involvement with LINKPAD, he vets deal flow for a prominent VC group and formerly built a DeFi project that reached a peak market cap of $100m within only a few months.

Joseph Young

VP of Risk Assessment and Trade Strategy
Joseph is a cryptocurrency analyst who has been in the space since 2014. He contributes to Forbes, CoinTelegraph, and a host of other top crypto news sites. Over his 6+ years in the space, he has built countless connections with industry leaders and has amassed over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Zhi Ko

Zhi is a fintech entrepreneur and trader. He is a founding member of NekozTek which serves as a technology and gaming brand. He is also a co-founder of Noble-5 a gaming peripheral company, and an advisor in esports team Radiance. Zhi utilizes his background in engineering and six-sigma to help companies with business development advising across various fintech industries.

Josh Rager

Josh is the co-founder of Blockroots and is an experienced trader and investor in crypto asset markets. He has served on the advisory board for multiple companies including LVL and Glassnode. Josh has a passion to help others by providing a sensible approach to crypto market trading and investing.

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